must one day be abandoned, as it is about the worst
line that could possibly be found . This road has been a vexed 
question for years and there would be some credit 
attached to the discovery of a good available line
I can assure you that there is ?? 20 to 30 miles of the 
Road absolutely from 1 to 3 feet in mud and many
places soft patches that would take a horse over
his back, there has been many a beast smothered and buried in the road. I have made up my mind
that i am not going to have 6 mos transportation on
such a hole in this without gaining in some way. This is 
just one of the many mistakes made by the Gov.
I am the only one in their employ who knows the country
I shall leave . Nobody will be able to run my ?
or know anything about the country and everything will
have to be gone over when the information is 
I am afraid my dear farher i have been led in to 
yarns about ? that will not prove of the slightest
interest to you but i hardly know what else to write 
about except those matters connected with myself
? in some shape or other


Current Status: 
Partially transcribed