I am most pleased to hear my little niece Grows and improves so much - I would like to see what she is like.  Can hardly understand being an Uncle.  How are Mr. Mrs Boyd and their large collection of juveniles.  He is becoming quite a family man - It was rather a surprise to hear Ged [?] Farrow was married I trust he will succeed -  I have a source of the greatest gratification and pleasure to know that I am still remembered by a number of old friends Some of whom you mention viz   Messrs Barnes - Townsend -Fletcher - Cuchon[?}  May remember me most kindly to them, and to all who kindly enquire after me
How are Mr Mrs Barnes getting on?

Dumby[?]     Beautiful
I have recently acquired a level and a beautiful Theodolite from Troughton and Simms - it is of different 
construction to Adies but made with alteration &
additions to suit my work [?] as necessary if I remain. We [?] Terrice that I should have a second instrument in case of accidents and a friend on his way home to America called [?] and gave them an order - I wanted one in case and see you but he could not manage the time

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Ready for review