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 to lewards  -  we hoped he would have made towards the "Atrevido" but unfortunately for us he took a contrary direction  -  the boats following on his track & the ship keeping as close to the scene of Action as possible  -  had seen many whales lately - Yesterday we had a couple on our quarter within 30 yards keeping their position for 10 minutes - Every now & then they gave a spout sending out great quantities of water - we have of course heard many anecdotes etc. etc. relating to whale fishing as some of the men on board have had engaged in that line of business -  It was a beautiful clear bright cold day  -  Nov. 3.rd  wind shifted quite fast In the [...][meridian?] of the Cape - have averaged about 12 knots an hour for some days -  Went to my box in the hold for time.  Nov. - A Mother Cary's chicken came on boat, caught by gett.g entangled in some of the lines aft, there was evidently an anxiety on the part of the seamen that the bird should not be injured - in which I think the Capt. even participated.  One of the passengers who had been a sailor & after getting it to look at  - threw it over the side - they are pretty little birds about the size of a blackb.d Sunday  Prayers on the poop - calm sea -  Squally - towards the evening the wind died suddenly away - We were doing 10 knots  After a few minutes we were quite still - the sails flapping loosely against the mast rolling in a heavy sea  -  it looked black all round  -  the greater portion of the Canvas was taken off her  other sails [?].at  -  We soon had it & no mistake within a quarter of an hour we were doing near 14 Knots an hour  =  it was a stiff wind - the ship rolled heavily taking the water some way up the deck each time  -  as for keeping ones feet that was quite out of the question  -  & shouting very loose is [word crossed out]  [...] from [..]  side to the other - the tin pans etc Amuse me - they rattle so well  -  Sometimes in the middle of the night a well charged shelf will discharge the whole of its contents at once  -  Bottle pans pots cans etc. etc. with an awful crash this almost  sure to wake up every body,  & it is most amusing to hear the unfortunates blundering about trying to pick up their utensils  -  the rolling does not effect my sleeping in the least now  - my bunk be [? ] ship when she rolls heavily [?] some times stand upon my head,  at others on my feet, am obliged to put a board at the foot of my bed, or I slip over into Robt.s - yet the dies[?] get my feet fast against the foot & shoulder against the side of the bed. & let her jump she will -  I'm soon asleep  -  it is not very uncommon to hear a fellow grumbling in the dark from having been unceremoniously deposited in the farthest part of the cabin [..] & not in by any means a comfortable position } [word crossed out] - Have been here [ next section indecipherable]
Monday 13th came up with a [?] which started from London 17 days before us bound to P.P.[?] emigrants, pause[?] her to leeward at about 100 yards distn - Spoke her - each captn start hs idea from calculation - [?] reckon, [?] of the ships position  -  not having been able from the dull
[word crossed out] weather to take an observation for some days - raining hard today }  the first Vessel we have spoken to, she is named the "Orestes" her decks were crowded with emigrants, who from fellow feeling waved their hats hankfs [handkerchiefs] etc etc take our cheers heartily - Wind high sea heavy - We went past her like a shot in a few hours she was not to be seen - We were doing from abt 250 to 300 miles per [?] - almost a direct course for the last day or two - had the first part of our voyage been as rapid we should have been out by this time - but from being for some time very close have being obliged to run sooner to the [America?] it caused us considerable loss of time - the Captn little thought to find a [?] as far S. as [?] being much beyond the usual course  -  it is very cold - much rain, there existed a probability of falling in with a stray iceberg  -  A most splendid Rainbow towards evening most brilliant vivid colors [colours] touching the water on both sides of us - just ahead the effect this time

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