in the Bush about 2 miles dist:  from Torraville  Have several times been lost coming out at night from missing the track, and upon two occasions did not reach my destination until next day  -  spending the night amongst the scrubs  -  but from previous training & drilling, this is no great hardship, provided the night is fine  =  Am often on horse back  -  but the worst of that fun is the generality of horses have certain little weaknesses and peculiarities of their own, viz Bolting, Shying, Buck jumping etc etc. but of a [?] the Bucking is the worst  - the brutes put their heads down make perfect arcs of their backs, then plunge, buck kick with most furious, frantic, violent manner  - the devil himself could hardly expect to keep on and  mighty few can, or will even try to ride these beauties  -  A mare of Mr Gibson's has twice bolted with me  -  and a few days since was capsized & spelt in the most ungraceful, unceremoniously manner while out on a young horse  -  it took fright and bolted  -  shied when amongst some trees bringing me with a crash against a leaning [?] clearing it himself but knocking me out of the saddle yds away  -  didn't know whether I was smashed or not at first & escaped with but a few bruises & scratches  -  the brute has since killed himself  =  but I was fortunate enough to be clear of that job  = I have been a little chaffed for these exploits = but no thought but little of herd  - this sort of fun is common.
You no doubt heard of the shine at Ballarat between the diggers and the Military, it was rather a serious affair  = There is some talk of Sir C Northam's resigning and returning again to England  =  He has become rather unpopular of late  =  he promised too much at first  -  the [Crimean?] War is an all engrossing topic out here [?] little time since news was brought of the fall of Sebastapol which caused great  excitement but it turned out [?] unfortunately  = what a fearful loss of Officers has accompanied the engagements  =  this war really assumes a most serious aspect  =  Some of the accounts are fearful  =  
Suppose the work at Fakenham is drawing to completion hope it has answered your expectations  =
Xmas etc   this makes the third spent in this Country  =
Must now draw to a conclusion - With Kindest love - to Dr M[?] [indecipherable] - to all at No. 13  -  Kind Regards etc to all who remember


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