3 forks
3 tin plates, 3 ramekins, pepper box, & salt pot, a portable camp drawing table fitted up with [?] drawers etc. for the arrangemt. [arrangement]  of wh [which] I take some little credit to myself, complete the catalogue of my furniture -
Sometimes the situation is rather dull, but being always employed it does not appear so  -  Have once or twice lately taken a cantor [canter] across to a Station named 'Clyde Bank" abt. [about] 9 miles dist.t. [distant] situate upon the River "Avon".  Spent a musical hour or two and back to breakfast - The Gov.r. [governor]  is a member of the Legislative Council & his nephew and myself are very great chums, we occasionally do a little Cat [?][cataloguing?]  together - They have an excellent library [?]  -  have a general invite to stay there - the family have ever treated me with the greatest kindness. My work is rather hard at times, but it is not withstanding a very jolly life  - can hardly make it out - it appears almost too good to last - altho [although] I most earnestly trust nor should wish to hold the [?] for some time to come, however can only do my best, hope for the best and leave the rest - My birthday went over without being aware of it.  You will hardly blame me but somehow have managed

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