to lose count,  and forget my own age - time does fly so fast -
You may suppose how much pleased I am to hear Ablett was commencing life on his own acct. [account] under such favorable [favourable] circumst.[circumstances]. and most sincerely trust they may answer his hopes and expectations - At one time he appeared to entertain the idea of coming out to this colony, with Sara - I'm very glad they've given that notion up, it wd [would], to say the least, have been very gt. [great] folly to throw away the prospects and come out here on chance - t'is all very well for young fellows, having only themselves to look after, who can stand plenty of knocking about, wh [which] they are sure to get to their heart's content  - as for myself I would not be a new chum in Australia with such a luxury as a wife, until I saw some little prospect of getting on -  A fellow had much better try a little [?] acid - What on earthe [earth] these poor devils do with their wives and families is more than I can tell  - it is easy enough to sit at home and picture a life out here and flatter themselves, while surrounded by every comfort, that they could face and [?]  everything without minding it - Almost persuading themselves that it borders quite on the romantic Very

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