laid out.  It was quite common to find individuals located on a wrong lot - open on the boundary line of two - it is by no means pleasant work having to inform and shew [show] any one that they have built on the wrong place.
To make matters worse some 6 or 7 persons had been over portions of the work at various times each differing from the other taking only his own views upon the subject - some being most incorrect. You can form [?]of the state of muddle & confusion it was worked into enough to defy the attempts of the most experienced in a [?] to put right -
The only guide I had was an old map drawn to
{ a small scale it is true but very badly strained [stained?] and without a single reference or [?] a figure given, and all that existed upon the ground were a few marked trees, & you must know that lines running through forest country all marked by notching the trees nearest [word crossed out] to it throughout its length - ( Say all work in 10 to 20 links on each side) -
Am most happy to state my [?]

[section crossed out]
I have a very great deal more that I could write but am in a great bustle preparing my Equipment and winding of my [?]

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