What is your [indecipherable] deal candid opinion of the steps you are about taking, to the course you propose pursuing?

I earnestly hope you may do [indecipherable]

You rather strongly urge my return Need not say I would rather be at ho amongst you all. But Able [indecipherable] can really with good reason Recommend th[indecipherable] step? Can I do anything in England I have always imagined from Home le[indecipherable] that but little chance, if any existed for there- upon this supposition I have hard to endeavour to work my way out and had almost settled in my own mind that Australia was to be my home = Co not of course do any thing in na year or it must be steady perseverence in

to hear
and a
the [indecipherable]
up with
Have a
chance of
or other
for being 
Are very
well my


Current Status: 
Ready for review