My Dear Father
last month I forwarded you a copy of her latest? letter accompanied by a few lines and having just received the no? for May  have taken up a pen for the purpose of mentioning the incidents of the past month relating to myself. I receive a subpoena to attend at the supreme court Melb   on the ? ult  to give evidence  at a trial  referring to some of her ans?  upon which I have been employed and as I was of course obliged under penalty to be there. departed?  from my camp? here about the  ? for? port? Albert? located? the steamer for fear? of accidents  led a spase?  ?    Knowing no excuse would be taken for my non attend [ce] - took? down?  about 200 ounces of gold for a friend ? rather a risk for use? but of course no one suspected the contents of my "swag"  reached? the port all right if possessing only the ordinary adventures of Bark travelling
Took passage Started  the? steamer it? ? "great guns" run along the Coast under the lee of the highland as far as Wilsons Promontory not daring to round the   point?   We were obliged to run back and take refuge in Waterloo Bay - where we had the pleasure of remaining between 2 & 3 days and reached Melb late on the Sunday night we began to think we would have to return? for provisions

Attended court on the day named Case postponed until the 20th They had me about a couple of hours in the Box describing & giving sketches of the Country and the relative position of the various features.   The trial lasted all day until late in the evening Verdict against the individual who had?  ?  me?

Following day I went to & from Lands Office reported myself.  Saw the Surveyor General I was with him for about an hour or so. He was rather offhanded but I do not dislike him he behaved very well told me not to put myself to unnecessary expense but to return as soon as possible as my party was unemployed - The next day was Queen's Birthday -  - there was a  ? ?  of the Volunteer Regiments but it came  on wet so I did not  hon?  them with my presence Had an invitation to the  Governors? Ball but as that was not likely to come off for a week I knew it would not do think of it as it would have been difficult to obtain extension of leave under the circumstances and the chance was that it would be objected to And another thing shopping in Melbourne did not suit my pocket I would like to have seen Rob and had  written to him a fortnight /8 weeks/ or so personally ? ? ? Port? of Melb giving his whereabouts but suppose he did not get the  ?  as there was no communication from him On the Friday I purchased a horse and on Saturday started back overland for Sale Very ? of ? The journey over was something fearful I have seen some very bad lands? in my time but this beats all

Current Status: 
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