I met poor Green on his previous trip he was then taking down a large amount of Gold - he barelled[?]  a great deal of [?] alone - I have several times told him he was very wrong for such [?] as I knew well there were plenty who would not hesitate at anything to obtain such a prize but he thought no one would interfere with him.   He was a very quiet despictable [despicable] young man - he as as about to be named.   Coming up the other day I met all the parties implicated going down the country for Melbourne and to my astonishment a man who had recently been in my party only for 8 cases of horse stealing against him.
Well my dear Father I must bring this to a conclusion as tomorrow I have to be out at Sunrise to take a Meridian LIne, as my [??] but a small vertical angle and the next morning at day break will find me travelling down country.  When I will in all probability have an opportunity of posting this -


Could kindly be given as a reason  But they don't stick at trifles.
Well now dear father I must wind up now and hoping soon to hear from you 
With my best and [kindest?] love to M  Ablett


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