ordered to dismiss all our men (which we did) and prepare
for the change - But it was all of no use The opposition was so strong, Matters remained in an uncertain state for about a month - When as they could get no money voted and put on the estimates for [?] [half?]  for carrys [carries] out the proposed scheme. They were obliged to order us to put on our men again and go on with our work as usual.  It must have been a bitter pill to swallow - I expect every man to [?] as the Ministry is kicked out - Its really a regular farce the way some of the public business is executed out here -
So as there has been no change I am still undergoing a penance upon the Road amongst the mountains -  I am just now located in the Valley of the Tambo River at no very great distance from its source - The scenery is magnificent Immense hills but open timbered

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