July 1960.
My dear Father,
Having mentioned in my last two or three letters   that I had made arrangements to forward you a copy of this publication for every month and as I shall continue to do so with as much regularity as possible until further notice it is of course unnecessary to allude to the fact each time. This app. [application?]  to me the best plan that could be adopted to give you some idea of what was going on in the colony as well  as to (?) your hearing from me more frequently without involving the necessity of writing long letters which it is often out of my power to do.    I will of course always add a few lines just to mention all's well but you must not generally speaking expect much more as in such case it must necessarily delay the letter - and really from your know.g [knowledge] nothing of this part of the world it is no easy task to set down and spin out an interesting yarn, for after getting over the enquiries relating to friends, one is at a loss to know what to write about this way.  Often my case [indecipherable] here is so much sameness in my employment and as you possess no knowledge of the inhabitants, it is useless writing on those subjects - the last letter for [time?] was somewhat behind time. This consequently

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