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them all most carefully, packed and [?]  {say in Paint} to Ins. H.W. Pettit [Gippsland crossed out] Port Albert Albert Gippsland  to the Care of R.S. P. Turnbull Melbourne
take care to write and advise their agents immediately of their shipment & by what vessel, describing the [word crossed out] package - that upon the arrival of the craft he may look out to obtain it -  otherwise it might possibly get lost  -
Let me also have a line at the same time [and an invoice of contents] that I may be able to remind them as well -
I am very happy to inform you that I am a government
" Hossifer" [?] not a  'peeler' but an Assistant Surveyor - having obtained the appointment for wh. I made & have received Official Instructions to form my party as soon as possible -  It we had an interview with the Chief down here and expect to be sent to lay out a Township and cut up a tract of country near some of the recently discovered diggings - Am just now winding up my private matters and making the necessary preparations - my pay I think I told you would be £600 a year salary £300 - Equipment £300 -

Current Status: 
Ready for review