I was out with another or two yesterday afternoon in the forest[?} Kangaroo.    We ran down five in the course of an hour or so - had some tense gallop.   I have found you I think a description of the animal the sport as in previous letters.
They are strange looking creatures but You've in no doubt seen a specimen like the opossums and many other animals belonging to this part of the world  -  the female carries the young in a kind of pouch. [ indecipherable]  Upon any sign of danger the Young or 'Joey' as its called is deposited in the pouch and carried by the mother but when she is very hard pushed she takes the little one and leaves it to its fate - 
The Old men are the largest - many standing considerably over 6 feet high  -  The fastest of the animals are much smaller -  Flying [indecipherable] as they are called they travel at great speed and a horse must be able to gallop well to overhaul them - 
the old Men seldom run far but will soon turn bad at the dogs standing on their hind legs.  Watching and turning as they turn striking at them with their hind feet which are armed with immense claws and work the animal which comes within reach.  They [the Kangaroo] are sharp enough to get a tree behind them - but if possible they will always take to water - and standing in about four feet they wait for the dogs to [?] them by holding them under the water  -  they would serve a man the same  -
the Dogs used  are something of the Grey hound breed only larger and more powerful - 
We have some very tolerable sport - Two or three gave me some

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