The books are all right except Huttons Tables which work is imperfect - one leaf or pages 55 & 56 are not in all, the numbers between 3449 & 3550 are missing which in Table of Logs which of course [?].[senseless?]
[word crossed out] it totally useless as I am obliged to leave a work of similar tables at hand to refer to in case the numbers are missing.
Might be required - I cut the work myself so there  can be no mistake = nor is there any appearance of having been removed after binding - this deficiency the publisher ought to supply you with - so it may be pasted into The book - ( pages 51 & 52 are in twice)
Now I will tell you the adventures of the case and why I delayed writing so long -
I duly received yours containing Bill of Lading [etc etc?] which

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