writing this, a large Bush-Fire is blazing and smoking away about a mile distant in front of the housing.  The grass and scrub being [indecipherable]  up from long continuance of day to [indecipherable].
This is the very same place Mr Gibson recently [?]
here } that Dr Hedley Wife Picks Show market? relation was living at the time he wrote that letter which we [?] read just previous to my leaving home  -  Often must see & call upon the Dr he lives about a mile and a half distant, in the Township of Tarraville  =  He sold this property for something like Two hundred and fifty pounds it is said to be worth almost as many thousands as [he was?] to hundred
for it  -
I have not heard from Robert for the last three weeks - his last communication was dated from Castlemaine - he had dropped into some employment that suited and he impressed [?] himself to [lovably?] very pleased  -  He  was quite well.  Have just written to him & [?] hoping every post to hear from him but undoubtedly he has given all news to his home epistles as last time he mentioned his being

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