if you do not get a long Ltr from me for a time for can assure you if sent down, shall have something to get through, it will be no child's play = shall be judged by the quantity of work (compared with some of the crack men)  I [indecipherable], unfortunately everything is against me. The routine is new - I have my men to teach - the season is rainy - days wet and dark - ground swampy = however have no fear provided I get a decent piece of country to walk into. 

Tis not a bad Billet £600/-/- a year = Men are paid by the government. But shall have to find Equipment (but that of course is private property) and more Camp whenever & wherever required 'Tis [indecipherable] a wandering life but the pay makes up for a great deal = Next time I write shall in all probably trouble you with a Commission to get me some instruments {have all along been at work with borrowed tools} shall want a Theodolite pocket Sextant and a few other little things but

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