I am gradually working my way up to Omeo from all accounts - I shall have some queer roads to travel. The descriptn [description] of which would rather astonish any one accustomed to the tiny rises of Suffolk and Norfolk, You've seen illustrations in the London New of Bullocks taking loads up some most outrageously steep looking hills something between 45º and 90º I believe we can march them on the present line of road to Omeo - both in steepness and length in the course of the next 12 mos [months] the pleasing occupation of selecting measuring and laying off a new and if possible better line than the one in use will in all probability disolve [dissolve] upon [/] & me - and a
pretty job it will be - the country through which it must pass is very hilly and mountainous [word  crossed out] covered with a thick dense scrub

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