[indecipherable] not at present add such to my income - so was [indecipherable] "[Wor?] the Oracle" some how. Speculate [when?] nothing - tis a safe [indecipherable] cannot lose much. The question is shall I realise - rather doubtful [worry?]. Poor Rob could not get a [indecipherable] employ at all so after a few weeks [indecipherable] he decided to [indecipherable] again to [indecipherable]. Was sorry for it but could not be helped. Could not advise him to remain any longer - He is of course anxious to get into something for himself but what to do or how to begin is the question. We will have no more of the [mere?] [indecipherable] only in case of necessity unless for some very much better than 810 10/. shillings per day it might be different, were we resolved to remain so for the rest of our time. [indecipherable] a [indecipherable] do donkey + cart. and each marry a great, big, raw-boned, [Scotch?] woman who would take in washing, &c. &c. &c. but unfortunately cannot make up our minds to dig [potatoes?] & [indecipherable] for life in an atmosphere of steaming [indecipherable] suds, dirty linen and [indecipherable] - the only relief being to carry home the washing. It won't do. another thing we might make a mistake in our choice and get one of those fair delicate creatures who might be a [indecipherable] [indecipherable] and prone to settle little matrimonial disputes rather too summarily - occational "spiting" are appearance by a "floorer" or like a lady I once said who affectionately [indecipherable] her [indecipherable] partner by the tune and rattled his head against the door post in the most spirited lively manner - it was a little habit the [?ad] required. Others have a great affection for [indecipherable] and decides objections to going home before morning have often known these objection on his head so strong as to prefer remaining sat anywhere rather than where [indecipherable] [indecipherable] [time?].

Am expecting to get a few lines from [Rose?] stating what he is doing - if I can see a chance for him in any [indecipherable] be well of course [indecipherable], unless better engaged, he had when he left almost made up his mind to go up the Country again we held together while [indecipherable] however [indecipherable] to see him [indecipherable] again

When we first arrived we were living at one of the [indecipherable] Houses - have since managed to get into a [tent?]. This wont do at all. No doubt you imagine I must have saved some little tin since I've been in the great gold colony. Cannot say it's a game I [indecipherable] up to get. I left [indecipherable] for this secret wish but 15/00 in my possession. Not very prime for 2 years work [indecipherable] [indecipherable] I ought to have more than 100/ at this minute clear. but [indecipherable] due [indecipherable] [indecipherable] at all expect to see any of it. humbugged about Melb for near 2 months for £20/ which was all I could obtain so thought it best to slope while I had a little [indecipherable] & earn a little more now I am [indecipherable] there it but little hope of getting any that is due. But I guess if I don't [shave?] £100 until that is obtained - it will be a long time first. So another

Hope you will have a [merry?] [indecipherable] and a corresponding happy new year
Said Geo [indecipherable] several times [indecipherable] [indecipherable] to leaving Melbourne, he started off to the Diggings again went a mile or [indecipherable] on the [indecipherable] with him. Have a [indecipherable] from him before. [indecipherable] [indecipherable] [indecipherable] October 

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