Octr   Ship in lights ahead, homeward bound.  Passes each other within 1/4 miles [x] signals, she answered to signals, she was the "Athol" {a small barque}  -  Our Cap.n requested to have the "Athol " reported at Lloyds. soon away from each other & out of sight - Sat.y A Flying fish came onboard  - it was [better] just above the keel; it was at evident pursued -  it was flying from the pan into the fire  - for the young gent.n was cooked for breakfast - they are a pretty fish about a foot long with very large expanding fins or wings on the side - have seen them crash from the bow of the Vessel a dozen at a time  =  Weather getting cooler  -  Oct. Sunday - Capt.s birthday - getting cold -  we are [searching] too  fast, - Albatrosses, Cape - Hens, Pigeons, etc., etc  now begin to follow us in great quantities  - as we are nearing the Cape the large spars are being sent down & smaller ones rigged  -  coarse weather being expected  - {it is about spring here the best for fine weather}  Sighted the island of Tristian d'itentina to the east of us the day calm,  clear though cold.  It was in some parts to the height of 8000 feet  -  at about its height a portion washed from sight by layers of cloud, above which another portion was visible, then another layer of cloud above which the [....] passed [...] seen was covered with snow - which glittered with sunbeams -  sea very smooth -  only a long swell it was a very pretty sight  -  The island is English, was taken from the Dutch, during the last war, it was [...] by the corporal of the attack.g party {with his friends only } for some time - it now contains about 300 inhabitants the island is very little[...] from the difficulty of getting to land at time  -  one of the men on board has informed me that coming off he was with his party blown out and given up after waiting some days the  vessel started  - they fortunately again made the island & [?] home by another vessel soil is fruitful  -  great sorts all kinds of vegetable many fruits wild goats on the mountain -  the present Gov.r is a Scotchman from Newburgh in Fifeshire -  A friend too of the capt.n  -   it was his intention to have called at the Island - but the wind was very light that the delay attended re shipping could not be afforded  - 

left margin - hand drawn sketch of island - Tristian d'itentina -

Up early - many birds round us at times swimming quite under our stern  -  let down some lines with hook & bait - our line haul'd up the first a Cape Pigeon  - webfooted of course - sev.l were caught & were allowed to run about  they are unable to rise from the deck - they are about the size of a common pigeon the underpart of the neck breast & body was white the top of the neck dark until it reaches the wings when it becomes white with black spots the tip of the tail black.  The wings black & white the beak and bill is rather curiously formed

right margin - hand drawing of head of gull & drawing of pigeon-

Monday Nov. Spent the morn.g on the top gallant yard with a pal of mine named Pybus { a young Australian from  -  Van Diemens Land } who is returng from visitg his friends in England {Watching a whale chase - it was about 10. oclock or 4 bells inn the morn.g - we had a whaler about a mile to leeward who then started her boats off in chase of a Whale who spouted  near her it was a very pretty sight - three boats started - going along with great rapidity, sometimes sail.g sometimes [...] or both - it was astonishing to see how near they would be to the spot where the Whale rose each time - they were never but very [..] away from him when he spouted - show.g great judgment - the whale was evidently very playful and sometimes to windward -

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