the party to consist of 6 men - alea paid by Govt.

Living in Camp need cost but little and after the first 12 Mos. my probable expenses are not likely to exceed £200 per annum - .
The climate of this District is exceedingly fine - and it would be difficult to find any employment that could suit me better.  Plenty of exercise generally walking all day long - Could never stand an Office now -
Have made many very excellent friends -  you would have been surprised to have seen the testimonials which I obtained & forwarded to the Surveyor General. Some from very influential gentlemen -
Every one appeared to wish me success -

Had a most liberal offer made me very recently by  a Wealthy individual the owner of Two or three Cattle Stations several Vessels [indecipherable] [etc etc?] it was to start and take the management of a large timber and general trade at Port Albert, - Have at this minute work at Jetty Wharf & to carry as Archt. for him to the tune of about Two thousand pounds

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