would have let [?] attended with some little trouble,
and knowing no one was inconvenienced I did not bother about it - but [words crossed out]  it shall now be settled very shortly -
I have again moved higher up country - Another Township this the 4th suburban Allotments etc etc[?]
my last survey composed an extent of 5 or 6 thousand Acres
It is generally [?] rough wild hilly densely timbered scrubby country - River Banks very rough & broken
some places covered with a dense impenetrable scrub - in others with a thick net work of [?] Briars Nettles from 12 to 13 feet high - and ever y now & again a man goes clean out of sight in a Wombat hole - this has all to be cut thro [through]  - you my [might] fancy it is rather warm sometimes in

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