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Ide had to assist to work the Cargo. How Mr N. Woods very cooly administered the Coal [or Coolies?] shoulder refusing to bear any share of the expen. of the freight, leaving us to manage storage[?] as best we could dissolving partnership, washing his hands of the Co. altogether when his[?] assistce was most needed.

Stow the Lighterman's visage approximated in [Indecipherable] measure to the lineal dimensions of[?] a violin when he put his Optics upon the cursed [Indecipherable], [Indecipherable] to have caught whatever to do[?] with it unless every thg was unpacked out lest its ponderosity & Weight should be too much should be too much and upset the Craft. How te number of the Articles were multiplied one hundred fold in the unpacking - Wheels, shafts, iron-works, boards, bolts, screws picks, shovels, handles, [Indecipherable], drills, files, game wire, saws, barrow wheels, tools, vice, sledge, etc, stove[?] no abt. 50 [Indecipherable] pieces - Cooking tins, tents, ropes, poles,[Indecipherable], etc, etc, etc, etc requiring [Indecipherable]  & searching[?] &[?] industry during 2 days of unloading at a public wharf, involving the necessity for a [Indecipherable] to have a head even superior to that of a "Philadelphia [Indecipherable]" to know when all [Indecipherable]. How all the above articles were deposited in every available part of the said Lighter we possessed a vague notion that they were somewhere on board, but as to whether they they could ever be found again was a question for time to solve, being intermixed with every body's luggage goods. How the men chaffed about the useful articles brought out, deriving much pleasure from an inspection of our handy little picks expressing the [Indecipherable] to possess them for kedges - stood delighted and amused we were at being obliged to pay somethg over £12 for Lighterage. Hoe we discovered to our Cost that the Melbournites were not answered[?] to by our ful[?] van ( warranted to take a lump of stone anywhere) and not being in the position to [Indecipherable] 2 or 3 horses at £50 to a £100 each to take it up the country. we dragged it from Auctn yard to Auctn yard (up [Indecipherable] dome hills) hoping to get a liberal bid but unfortunately, we ourselves were the only parties that made the liberal Offers so were each time consequently the purchasers - We often when in draft secured encouragement from [Indecipherable] who so[?] frequently expressed their opinions upon so novel a [Indecipherable].

Jack "What's the fare", Are you taking home the mangling, etc, etc, etc. How at last by private contract for £18 having to deduct sevl fees that had been paid. How we camped with 10 more in a little tent abt 8ft sq. belong to a fellow passenger for the night. How the floor was [Indecipherable] to the height of 2 feet with boxes. How some poor worn out  devils very tired every now and again slipped down between the sd boxes. Waking us all up before he could be released. How we afterwards camped in the big tent keeping on guard or watch all night, in conseqce of the terrific tales abroad intended to amuse the

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