believe it is my Mother's portrait - the time does certainly fly past at a great rate, fancy we have been in Australia over 5 yrs - it does not seem so long -
The old Albatross appears to afford much pleasure to her passengers Yet [?] Is she still the fast little craft she was? - wouldn't I enjoy a cruise - I get but very little boating now, being storred [stored] away quite in the interior, its all horses here but generally speaking have so much riding about that it ceases now to be a pleasure, during the last 2 or three weeks I must have gone over 400 miles, altho [although] 'travelling' so much about at times - it is very very seldom I patronize and stay at an Inn, always manage to make some friend's Establishment, which [?] [render?]  it very pleasant - the only difficulty is to get away again -
Expect not to be in Camp for some time - plenty of walking for a change  - Have just laid out another Township in this neighbourhood, and am about commencing to mark off a few farms etc etc [?] after which I'm off about 40 to 60 miles higher up all amongst the mountains - It is a jolly sort of life plenty of change Am alleged tolerably happy and comfortable - the Camp

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