May 7 1860
My dear Father,
Last month I forwarded you a few lines and a Copy of this publication - With a promise that it should be sent as regularly as possible and as this number reached one this evening having taken up a pen and added a little and [indecipherable section here].
Having written [?] then a little or no News to communicate - that relating to the Colony generally You will gather from the accompanying sheet = Am still employed in this neighbourhood & Expect to be obliged to visit Melbourne some time in the course of this Month to give evidence at the Supreme Court on a trial about some of the Cattle Runs - it is somewhat annoying but it
cannot be helped - It is now near about four years since I was there before.  I understand the [?] are greatly altered and [?] are greatly improved and attended something in the London style = Am somewhat [?] to receive a few lines from you.  hope to have that pleasure shortly not having received any Communication for a very considerable period.    Ablett is evidently becoming quite a family man = Hope the little ones are all right - and that his prospects are improving with the [?] of his family -  I hear [?]  the little ones are stunners  -  wonderful children from all accounts.  I have a large collection of juvenile relatives -
A Ball was given last evening in this neighbourhood as a proper conclusion to the performance of the Marriage Ceremony, a sort of high life below stairs affair - plenty of fun  =  Was one of the guests ( parties here are usually kept up morning so as to give the people the benefit of day light to find their way home, it was so in this case and being obliged to be at work today have had but no opportunity to [?] a "snooze" yet

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