In consequence of the orders to dismiss men finish and send in plans,  [?] at the end of the year I proceeded down country to deliver mine and receive fresh orders - It was down as far as the port with my [Gov?] - and present at a Grand Ball which happened to come off at the time, rather a change to my previous Employment - It is the first time I have visited the port since joining the Govt - It takes 9 to 10 days to go there and back and from the time of leaving Camp until my return.  I must have ridden somewh. [somewhere]  between 6 and 700 miles - I had Colonially speaking " a tremendous buster" "during one part of the journey - a friend lent me a magnificent horse (thorobred) [thoroughbred] - I rode him for about a week and his behaviour was unexceptable [unacceptable?]
When one morning upon mounting he bolted & before I could get my stirrip [stirrup] he commenced operations - With his head down & his back up he bucked a way at a great rate -  I managed to keep my seat all right for abt.[about] ½ a minute altho [although] I knew if he continued I must go.  Coming [?] the country was terra [?] [word crossed out] but I was [ ??]
And We made out upon the [?]  The next day to her [?] delight He was [?] boasted of his [?] knowledge [?]

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