time has it made me boil over with repation and annoyance - and often have I felt an almost irresistible inclinat.n [inclination]  to kick it over - and would have felt the greatest pleasure on taking a waddy and knocking it to pieces  =  So soon as my own arrived I packed it off  =  I really think it must have involved a top of more than 25 per cent of my
time. I was obliged to work like a blessed nigger to keep my work up at all near the mark and it will take me at least 6 or 8 weeks before I can get quite round  = As you may suppose it was a source of so much anxiety & worry that I was really getting quite thin -
Well as I said before the case came at last.  I was at the time employed cutting up sand on a Station belonging to a Mr McLeod - and while at work there
 was living with the family as a guest

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