came out most successfully and correctly as the last, it was a great triumph for me - don't care who gives merit, -  It gave my employer very great satisfaction -
Was well aware how much I was risking and knew it would either make or break - it was as you may suppose very hard fagging - a most harassing anxious time.  At first, occupy'g and absorbing every minute of leisure.
I am at last going to trouble you with a rather extensive, expensive commission [words inserted indecipherable] if you will be kind enough to execute [word crossed out]  I want you to send me out some surveying instruments
[Ie?] as described in the accompany'g sheet with as little delay as possible as they are of the very utmost importance to me & have to borrow & make shift as best I can just now
And if you will not mind paying for them [words crossed out] upon receiving them or very soon after ['wards' crossed out] with the account of the amount of expense incurred I will remit you the cash - let me beg you to be careful to obtain just what I have described


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