they are unable to stand more than one journey without a rest  -  To look at some portions of the Road a stranger would say it was impossible to get a vehicle up  -  The proposed new line is a vast improvement as far as hills are concerned but it must be cleared before it can be used & provided [?] of sufficient importance it is certain to [be] opened  for traffic as I am perfectly satisfied from such examination & [?] As I have been enabled to make it is quite impossible to discover any thing so good.  My Camp is now about 10 miles in the country situated upon and near the head of scrubby [?] far enough from anything like a habitation - have to keep one man to attend to the horses keeping them out in the good country & occasionally packing out provisions etc - just now we are completely set fast from the continued heavy rains being commencement of Winter which of course renders it very [indecipherable] 
but would not withstanding much sooner undertake it in Winter than summer.  As  the heat and myriads of mosquitoes through such scrub would render the work
most distressing -

Current Status: 
Ready for review