I have. I have now much greater reason to be satisfied with my projects than ever had before. You no doubt think that is saying but little, but I believe I have to tolerate going before me don't suppose should make much money. The District is in its infancy it was almost totally deserted during the Gold Mania, but things are working out and beginning to move gradually ahead People are commencing to settle and are turning their attention to Agriculture. They don't talk now of making fortunes. They are as tales of other days - it must one day be a great agricultural District the climate is very fine.
I have thus briefly told you my best position shall [indecipherable] await yr. reply - should you advise my return, I will do so - need not say wh. way my inclinatns  tend I leave them out of the question - don't suppose Rob. will be persuaded upon to return with me. Wrote to him a few days since he is quite well did not say what he was doing

I cannot think what induced the belief that I was in the state alluded to in yrs, Don't remember Ive not written anything that could suggest such dismal foreboding - Am quite well - only not quite so fat as formerly -

I trust you will write and say what you advise as soon as you can after the receipt of this because I would rather return as soon as possible than be uncertain or undecided in in my course - it must be a question of go at once or make up my mind to work quietly as until I can do something for myself that can only be a work of years - so pray think it over and tell me what you advise - you need no entertain any anxiety on my account I can always




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