Substance for Shadow - Now you know all have not said much about it in my [indecipherable] to Jasper but you can talk it over with him and give me yr joint advice upon the matter - All of you -

My partner, alluded to in my last has obtained a very good Govt appointment so am all alone in my Glory to fancy my turning Surveyor - rather busy just at this time in that line - 2/2s/ per day my men extra - or at so much pr acre laid out and [indecipherable] some Township Blocks the other day for [indecipherable] - [indecipherable] offered not long since to take and run all the lines the to correct and cut up as a same prorate Survey of nearly Six thousand Acres at 1/- pr acre the job will no doubt be offered me if it be done  I have an order to lay out all the Roads in the Estate of JaraVale (above 1000 acres for Dr Stedley  Surveying here is by no means easy work - so many trees and dense scrub in the way  Sometimes wish 3 or 4 men it is a hard days work to run a chain line Only one mile in length having to cut complete lanes through otherwise impenetrable scrub. The Govt surveyors cut up blocks of say 10 to 15 thousand acres well of course it is impossible for individuals purchasing to find their ground and the Lithographer maps give no reference as to the marks  I can get all the information required being chums with them, in fact am often employed to assist in getting their plans up = so every one is referred to me = [indecipherable] innocent heart I've Cheek enough for anything here = Take anything that pays - I have made some good friends = but one feels differently towards friends at home As the song says "Stranger friends are not like mine" However here I am give me good advice and don't make a fool of me.

Am sorry cannot be at yr - -  Suppose if I do make up my mind to return you all both in such a dreadful hurry as not to be able to wait Am glad the Gold made a good ring = Tell Sara I would write to her if I could but she must take the will for the deed but dont let that prevent her writing a few lines with the rest of you Suppose [indecipherable] to you is the same as writing to her You must both allow it to be so

Well my dr Nabs I must draw to a conclusion Wish Kind [indecipherable] friends and to you [indecipherable] regards  [indecipherable] to all who Kindly remember me
And  every wish for yr happiness & prosperity
Believe me Dr Nabs yr affectionate [indecipherable] Jno

Mr [indecipherable]

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