John H. W. Pettit letters to his family in England, illustrated with sketches by the writer, 1852-1868 - Page 174

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don't take any steps in the matter until I write and describe the kind of Theodolite &c that I require.

My Little Church at Tarraville is at last completed & opened with great [indecipherable] - It was a grand day = The first Church in Gipps
Land = the Bishop is going down shortly to consecrate it = I saw a long account in the papers the other day describing the affair (Speaking too of course of the beauty of the Building =& the great taste & skill displayed by the Archt &c) [indecipherable]

I have been almost all over the District since last writing = was stowed away for about 3 weeks on the Lakes quite an expedition =

Must come to a conclusion for I ran away only for an hour to scribble

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