John H. W. Pettit letters to his family in England, illustrated with sketches by the writer, 1852-1868 - Page 166

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Only think of my turning Land Surveyor. I have a Theodolite lent me and I go into the fields with my instruments and men as though I had been bang up to it all my life = Nothing like cheek & Bounce out here.

Was sorry to hear the Takenham Corn Stall turned out so profitless & unsatisfactory after all 

Trust you are both quite recovered from your recent illness. From your letters I find the little Albatross still performs her accustomed pleasure trips to the satisfaction of her Youngers.

Hope you spent a Merry Xmas and happy new Year - was very quiet myself in fact hard at work the whole week -thought of you and pledged you all in a "Nobbler" I mean a glass of wine  - Xmas is not much thought out here - the weather is of course the very reverse of what it is at home

Heard from Robert very recently he is still at Castlemaine. Quite well and appears to be jogging along

I think I mentioned in my last that I had joined a Young fellow and started Housekeeping together. But being out a great deal and much away from home as amatter of course we get imposed upon - I believe it costs more to keep us & a Servt. than it does your whole household but tis necessary for me to be near my work and to do that must adopt the present course or live at an Inn, which I de-test.

Went to the country on business last week rode down about sixty miles on Monday The quarter portion of the upper of this District is very fine Magnificent plains many many miles in extent bounded by belts of trees Ranges of Mountains, grass growing 2 or 3 feet in height, looking when green like immense fields of grain - Lots of wild Turkeys there= There are also some large Lakes one might imagine himself by the Sea Shore

Have Several invites to visit in the Upper district but cannot afford myself a holiday just now.

Was at a couple of invitation Balls down here not long ago about 80 or 90 present = Band from Melbourne First rate affairs = They certainly do this sort of thing in the most extensive style = 

Have forwarded you occasionally a number of the Gippsland Guardian cannot say it is much of a production or a mighty political Engine - my name often appears in it = The editor is a regular stick

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