John H. W. Pettit letters to his family in England, illustrated with sketches by the writer, 1852-1868 - Page 147

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Gipps Land Sept 11/55

My [indecipherable]
thank both you and Sara much for your Kind note of June 3rd

So you are seriously bent upon getting Married and Starting for yourself. I cannot of course Venture an opinion or any advice. You have Kind friends at home listen to them for rest assured you've a best deal of very unpleasant experience [indecipherable] I trust you are not premature in your arrangements. Be careful - money is soon spent, and precious hard to get. Remember you've more than yourself to consider. However I'm not going to croak out a long sermon. You have my every wish for your happiness and advancement - Should have of course liked to be present at the time but that's impossible. There [indecipherable]her change


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