John H. W. Pettit letters to his family in England, illustrated with sketches by the writer, 1852-1868 - Page 146

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get any living out here - Any where -
We have had a great Aboriginal Demonstration.

A War party of about 3 or 4 hundred blacks all men of course armed to the teeth, in their way they came down from Monaro with the expectation[indecipherable] of killing all the Gippsland Blacks they could catch - those poor devils were hustled off to the mountains, and [indecipherable] there have been several instances of late of their killing some in the middle of Townships and on the verandahs of people's homes. They were a quiet mob Lots of spears and waddies = I had a "yabber" with several of their parties - some speak tolerable broken English - they never can acquire the language for in every case the whites speak in broken slang to them - Their Covering both for Ladies & Gentn is a bit of blanket or Rug thrown around them - they are strange looking [indecipherable] Creatures

Well my dear Father I must soon come to a conclusion. Wishing to hear from you in reply as speedily believe me With Kindest Love Remembes  to all Relatives & Friends

Yr. Affectionate [indecipherable]

[indecipherable] the Corn State Turn Out you tell me you have just completed the Contract Trust it was a remunerative one = You make no mention of [indecipherable] prospects - I hope they are [indecipherable]


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