John H. W. Pettit letters to his family in England, illustrated with sketches by the writer, 1852-1868 - Page 302

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 follows it very closely - I recently received [indecipherable] dated January -  and I was much pleased to hear from you as none had reached my for a long period before.  Before going any further let me put you right with reference to my address it is
JHMP Assistant Surveyor - Sale Gipps Land Victoria and not South Australia.
I am most glad to know you are all well from all accounts my little niece Lotty is in [indecipherable] very much. Giver my love and tell her I am much [obliged?] for her little message + sketching.  Ablett is becoming quite a family man. I expect many changes have taken place during my absence - I am very glad JW is getting so well but I cannot help thinking that under such circumstances he would regret returning to England - this of course very natural he should wish to see his friends - I have written two or three times but suppose he has not received the letter -
I heard from Robert the other day he mentioned poor old Mrs Taylor was dead - poor old Lady - but really from what I had heard recently I was not surprised - these changes must of course be expd [expected] Yet one cannot hear of them without deep regret.
Well my Dr. [dear] Father I must come to a close - give my kinds to L to Dr. M & all friends [?] I remember [?]
regards to [?} believe me ever you [indecipherable]

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