John H. W. Pettit letters to his family in England, illustrated with sketches by the writer, 1852-1868 - Page 261

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Very busy [?]
to suit me, plenty of exercise, almost too much sometimes and decidedly better than other work - Am located just now abt. [about] between 50 & 60 miles from Port Albert and 2 miles from Sale.-The neighbg. [neighbouring] country is fine, large level plains of vy. [very] rich soil interspersed with belt of timber, and bounded in the distance by forest and mountains - This is a jolly [?] life and have no fault to find with it - Will just give you a description of the Camp - wh [which] consists of 3 tents. My own, the mens and one for the Cook, Store etc.  Mine is abt. [about] 10' x 10' walls 4ft.  -  a loope [?] lining of [?] is fixed inside, thirty forming a double tent wh [which] render it tolerably comfortable - the ends are made to lace up wh.[when] necessary can be thrown open and a [?][through?]  draught obtained -
The furniture is not very costly or magnificent, consisting of a stretcher, a folding camp table, a Box ( [?] etc) and an article of doubtful contraction something between a linen horse and a model of a modern gallows, upon wh. [which] the articles of my wardrobe are tastefully displayed.  Upon the sideboard (the lid of an old
boy) the crockery is arranged - 3 basins, 3 spoons, 3 knives, 3 forks,

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