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putting a lot of schrapnel amongst us on the beach and knock a good few – but nothing much considering the number of shells they send. Our party dug out a post office in the hillside opposite the beach and roofed it with sand bags.

17/5/15. Fatigue – unloading cargo from barges on beach – much schrapnel and a dozen or so hit. Am camped in a dug out on the hillside with Cadman. Very hot day. Warships are replying to enemy's shell fire. Enemy also firing some very big shells at our warships lying off the beach. Hands all over sores, and several boils on me – feel vey off color. Insects (sic) damnable.

19/5/15. Got hit in shoulder by a spent bullet while unloading cargo on the beach about 1 a.m. this morning. (We do this work mainly at night because of shell fire). A glancing shot just cut my shoulder a little – no damage done. There was a big attack by the enemy on our lines all round last night and this morning, but we repulsed them with very heavy losses. Big shells bursting all over the beach and hillside where I am this morning. One which struck the hillside just above me nearly filled up my dug out with dirt and stones. A boat load of our wounded being taken to the Hospital ship lying off the beach just missed a big shell by a boat's length. It sent up a column of water 20 or 30 feet high. It made us ashore very anxious for the boat full of poor helpless wounded chaps. But although a few more shells went after them none were close and they got aboard alright.

20/5/15. A Company came back from beach and rejoined Battalion in gully – foot very sore – big shells (9 in.) (Jack Johnsons" we call them) falling on our trenches and several fell near us as we went up the gully. Turks lost very heavily in their attack on our trenches last night.

21/5/15. 13th went into trenches on "Quinn's Post" – trenches

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