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altogether different direction area.

All artillary was removed with the exception of 2 guns & these were finally destroyed
Out of about 700 horses & mules we got them all away at Sulva Pier, with the exception of about 50 which at the last were worked night & day They were not destroyed by us probably as a reward for good & faithful service. Anyhow they were played out. Only one of the original mules, out of hundreds remained. He was known as Enver Pasha & spent the last few months as a pet. He had a number of bullets in him. Our losses in mules used to be fairly heavy. [Ismail Enver Pasha or Enver Pasha, 1881-1922, was a Turkish military officer and politician, serving as the Turklish Minister of War during World War 1. 'Pasha' was a military rank equivalent to Brigadier.]
Although the enemy never bothered us much by air reconnaissance our people took no risks & we continually had an aeroplane up to keep their aeronauts from coming over. On the 2nd second last night we heard an aeroplane overhead & were much relieved when we learned it was one of our fleet.

The 3000 men were got away in batches timed to embark at 6, 9 & 11 pm.
The distances from the flanks to the piers was about 2 miles so you can image how much depended on the enemy not breaking through our defence in the centre.
I was timed to go at 6, but there were a few too many so had to wait near the pier till 11.

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