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[This page is out of order. It is page 4 of a four-page letter, written on the back of the first page, and continues on from page 256. Page 2 of the letter is on page 255.]
went off. it sent sparks hundreds of feet in the air. one incident as we were coming up Fritz was shelling the roads & the rear batterys had to advance while the others kept going four Germans were carrying one of their own wounded down on a stretcher escorted by a Tommie when one of Fritzs shells killed the lot out right you have to go at the double in those places & they were run over a good few times before they could be shifted. it sounds hard but when your dead it dont matter much.
Well thanking you once again also the Boys in my sub. only five at the guns. I was longing for a lollie as you cannot buy any here only a stray stick of chocolate no & again we had just been shooting for two hours & had been going all day so we just sat round the gun & enjoyed them. they all said they were tray. that means good so with best wishes to you both. Kind regards to all. Friends. Mr. & Mrs. S. –

Yours Sincerely

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