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Wishing you all a Merry Xmas & a happy New Year & trusting you are in good health.
I remain
Yours faithfully
Clem Walsh

7th A.A.S.C.
N.Z & A Div. Trn
N.Z & A Division
On Active Service

Dear Drs.

I received a letter from Dr. Crawley dated 30-7-15 & well as a letter, which I have answered, from Mrs. Dunlop some time previously. Many Thanks.

I am back at Galipolli & generally contented. At present diarrhoea is the cause of putting large numbers of the troops out of action, a number of Enteric cases contributing also.

The situation is quiet, compared with earlier stages and the action here in co-operation with the Suvla Bay Landing is the last important "scrap". I am at present at the junction of Chailok & Aghyl Deres (Two gullies) or I should say, on the range at the head of them.

It is some of the new area we captured in August. A "hot" place too. One of my men received the Military Cross for bravery & resourcefulness under fire. Out of sixty who landed only 13 are here now. Many were killed, wounded

[Written sideways in the left-hand margin:] Don Dunlop 9-8-32

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