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the organization & the experience.

Give them cash or the goods & I'll guarantee they will handle the proposition more satisfactorily & economically than 200 disunited funds. Of course my idea is to keep all local societies going, make no distinction of regiments or towns & pool the lot under the auspices of the Y.M.C.A or another body. The first society for preference.

At present the Y.M.C.A. seem to cater mostly for the entertainment of the troops & they do it well. Most camps have a large marquee with papers, piano etc. I cannot too strongly urge the necessity of no distinction being made as reqards towns & regiments. I admit, it is an incentive to contributing

Our distributing scheme has not been brought to a sufficiently fine art to carry this out successfully. Individuals & small societies sending their seperate lots, is all right to wipe off the annual deficit of the Commonwealth Postal Dept. but it is against the law of economics. Those "billys" were just the thing. I got one on Xmas eve from a padre

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