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[to] Cairo in Egypt where we are being sent on account of the Turks Taking a hand in the affair. I may say it is known that they have German Officers at their heads. They are one hundred miles away from Egypt so we may have a bit of a mix up with them before long. The H.M.S. Black Prince has gone ahead to bombard a Turkish town by the name of Akaba where they have several forts.
So far we have had no news from Sydney & we do not expect any for a long while as our letters have gone on to England & we will have to wait until they are returned.
We are going to be fitted out in a new uniform. Cork Helmet Short Pants 3/4 Socks & boots & I suppose we will look a lot of knuts until we get used to them. Will have a Photo taken & send it along home so as you can see how we look in the new rig out.
Well I hope to be able to send you a longer

[A "knut" was an important person or a "swanker".]

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