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[Page 407]

[Note: An undated letter, written prior to this one, from Egypt before embarking for the Dardanelles, appears, out of chronological order, starting on page 465.]
On Active Service
7th Coy A.A.S.C.
4th Infantry B'gde
N.Z. & A. Division

Dear Mrs. Dunlop.

I have just received your welcome letter & of course have a better relish for the "hard tack" meal now about to be dished up. Things here are much the same as when I last wrote to the Drs' about two weeks ago. Of course that is only applicable to the position where I am but I understand progress is being slowly made elsewhere. Our strategical position will not allow of an advance until we have protection to hold captured positions, this protection we expect from the troops who are now working up from [dash].

Understand of course, we have a lot of the enemy kept engaged & this will allow our forces elsewhere to act on the offensive. The people in Australia must not be

[Written sideways in the left-hand margin:]
Don Dunlop 9.8.32

Current Status: