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Every machine gun was carried away the last which was very creditable
Not a single casuality which was incurred which could be attributed to the evacuation.
We were told by navel people that the Turks never came down the following day at all but bombarded the beach heavier than usual. They must have been surprised when they discovered our departure. Generals superceded & all that sort of thing I imagine would be the result in the enemy's army.

It was an extraordinary success. (Only the evacuation I mean) & helped to gild the bitter pill of having to leave what had cost so much.

One consolation is that I never heard a person say after Aug when the opposing lines were consolidated "We can advance & now they are taking us away". Everyone, of course I am not speaking for Generals, seem to agree that it was not worth hanging on.

The enemy had the best & higher positions. We had to depend on overseas for munitions which could be interrupted by rough weather The Turks had only to shell a limited area ie along the beach where our stores & working parties were. We had to shell the whole Peninsula & chance getting at their congregations & stores.
They would have blown us out in a week if they would have had better Howitzers. They were getting German ones down the Danube

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