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Hindenburg line but dont know whats doing as you dont know when a stunts coming off but you have & idea.
Well this has been a success short & lively but only a couple of mile you will see that we took half the guns & prisoners & there is plenty of Dead huns about all about His front line
our barage was great by the look of the ground and caught His Machine gunners they are lieing in batches of fives some blown almost to pieces armless & legless. they are the gamest of the lot also His artillery they stay till the last but what happens when our Boys catch them I cannot say.
I saw very few of our Boys dead mostly wounded. The Tommies are on our left and there was a bombardment all day. then at night a counter attack I went on to the ridge & watched it It was a great sight just on dusk to see all our guns & flares. Red. green. & white & our S.O.S go up & then Fritzs for more artillery you could see his shells bursting on the ridge & back on the supports it was about 800 yards off our sector.
But last night it was quite & yesterday morning Two

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