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Well after we had been standing for two hours & were pretty tired so we were taken to Kes Sl Neh Barracks [Kasr-el-Nil Barracks] where they gave us light refreshments after which we marched back ten miles to camp & made a record doing it in 2 hours & a quarter.
Well Mum Dear the Commanding Officer was so pleased at the discipline & general carriage of the troops that he gave the Battalion general leave for one day. As I am on duty I was not able to have the day off.
Well dear Mum we were told that within the next 6 weeks we will be leaving for Europe. So then we may see something interesting in the shape of war.
You asked me Mother Dear how much I left behind for you the Amount is five shillings per day. So you should get somebody to go to the Barracks & see the Pay master about it my number as you know is 283. B Coy 3rd Batt.
Well dear Mother I hope you & Rube also all the others of my Brothers & Sisters are in the Best of health & happiness

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