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very humbly in the finish to his hated enemy, with the white flag & ask for an armistice & to gain it, had to hand over everything that he was likely to be able to use against us in restarting the war, which I dont think he has much of an appetite for now, we gave him all the fight he was looking for during the last five months & I guess he has some sort of a idea that when a German, an Austrian & a Turk get properly into holts with a Britisher, a Frenchie & a Yank (not to mention the Aussie) he is up against a pretty hard nut to crack & one that was always too good for him,
We bent & we buckled backwards & forwards but in the finish when he was just about played out we were pounding him with our guns heavier than ever, & just about as he was going to come an awful crash, he came across with the white flag & cried off, & he got off lightly by doing so, It is only a matter of time now for the Peace Conference to be held to settle the final terms of Peace,
We are taking it easy in the meantime, just keeping ourselves fit, all in readiness if he gets up to any of his funny business again, to hop right into him at a few hours notice & well he knows it, as a consequence he is carrying out the terms of the

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