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on for us in the evening.
The health of the boys is, on the whole, very good; although those who were unfortunate enough to catch malaria in the Jordon Valley, are constantly feeling its effects. Poor chaps go down at a moments notice & they never really know one minute if they are going to be bad the next. Needless to say everyone is anxiously awaiting orders to move further south & thus nearer the boat but from present indications we will be here a long time yet.
Well Miss Wyndeyer as you probably have lots of friends on this front I will not weary you with what would probably be stale news, so shall close. Thanking you & all connected with the 6th & 7th L.H Comforts Fund for your grand work on our behalf.

Yours sincerely
Geo J Watson
"C" Squadron
6th Regt.

William St
Double Bay

[Cadaxton, William Street, Double Bay was the address of George Watson's mother Mrs Matilda Watson.]

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