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their country out of the Anzac Mounted Division so as it can be seen by the ships that go through.

Bedouins are a Bad Lot; – The "New Zealand Times" remarks: – The Bedouin, one of the desert tribes of Egypt is evidently a poor specimen of humanity according to Trooper P. W. Burges of Rongotea. The trooper says that the Bedouins are a wild race and a bad lot, and do a lot of spying for the Turks.

"The Bedouin is the worst type of man I have ever seen" asserts the writer. "He is worse-looking than the Australian black. It is a mystery how he lives. Of course when the dates are ripe he is well fed, but when the dates are finished I think he must live on the sand. To give some idea of what they are like, I need only say that these devils have been known to come along at night, dig up the dead, strip them of their clothing and leave them on the sand. We were never lucky enough to catch any of these inhuman creatures, or they would not disturb another soldier in his grave."

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